Undo with iOS

I was playing around with creating a post via Safari and WordPress on my iPad 2 the other night. It was… okay… the WordPress toolbar (the admin bar at the top of the screen) kept gettingĀ overlaidĀ on top of the text editor which, to say the least, wasn’t ideal. The other big problem that I ran into was not knowing how to undo typing after deleting a bloc kof text inadvertently. The Command-Z is… where?

It isn’t obvious, but there is an undo feature. I found it at the New York Time‘s site:


I tried it in Notes on my iPhone and it does, indeed, work. I need to play around a little with editing on mobile Safari and the iPad and see if it does the job there as well. That said, I need to also play around with the WordPress app for iPad and see how that does.

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