Saving changes made in Chrome’s Web Inspector

It is wonderful to be able to use Chrome’s Web Inspector development tools to tweak the CSS of a web page to get elements just right. However, what is the best way to apply these changes to the actual stylesheet? One could, of course, just move these changes by recreating the tweaks to the CSS document manually. There is a way, though, to actually save out the modified CSS file right from the Web Inspector. To do this, simply click on the CSS link at the right-hand side of the Styles palette:

CSS link


Clicking on the link will open up the modified CSS file in the Web Inspector’s Sources tab:



Right-clicking on the opened CSS file will allow you to view the changes made to the CSS file via the Elements tool (Local Modifications) as well as save out the changed CSS file which you can use to replace the old CSS.

Right click


  1. This allows us to save style sheets only, which is helpful. But what about changes to html, php, and javascript files?

    1. This should work fine for HTML and JavaScript files. Since PHP is processed on the server end, though, it is not possible to work with those I don’t think.

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