Safari Extensions

One of the things that bothers me about using Safari as a main browser, is that there is no simple way to see if the page you loaded contains a JavaScript error without actually opening the Web Inspector. I would love to have a simple button that would simply alert you to any JavaScript errors and then give a pop-up window of what those errors are. Something like this extension for Chrome:

JavaScript Errors Notifier

I would think accomplishing something like this would be fairly easy in a Safari extension but, after looking at the documentation, I don’t think there is a way to access messages in the Error Console. I see where one can log their own messages to go in there, but I didn’t see where one can actually read messages that Safari puts into there. I was looking at the documentation here:

Safari documentation

I am going to have to look for a resource where I can ask someone if this is possible. Another potential extension I was thinking about was an image overlay where a web developer could load in a comp above their webpage for comparison and adjust the opacity and position of the comp. This seems doable and I don’t see an existing one for Safari. There are ones for Chrome and Firefox but none of them seem to work all that great (at least on my Mac with the most up-to-date version of Chrome). The best I have found so far is:

WebDeveloper Image Overlay

I think my first project, though, needs to be a redo of a site I built and abandoned, Dog Walk Spot. I am trying to figure out now if I should build it totally custom in CodeIgniter or make it a customized WordPress site. Since I want to have advanced searches and sorting on a custom data type (a walking location) I was leaning toward CodeIgniter. I know that I can use Custom Post Types in WordPress to add the fields I would want but I am unsure how flexible it would be in allowing sorting and advanced searching on criteria for those fields.

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