BBEdit code coloring

One of my biggest frustrations with BBEdit is its weak code coloring. Here is an example that I just ran into: At first I thought the issue was the two classes (left-col and archives). But that doesn’t seem to be it. So I thought maybe something else was wrong with the code and I tried… Continue reading BBEdit code coloring

Undo with iOS

I was playing around with creating a post via Safari and WordPress on my iPad 2 the other night. It was… okay… the WordPress toolbar (the admin bar at the top of the screen) kept getting overlaid on top of the text editor which, to say the least, wasn’t ideal. The other big problem that I ran… Continue reading Undo with iOS

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Easy way to pass multiple variables to a CodeIgniter validation callback

I was recently working on a custom form validation callback for my CodeIgniter script. By default, one gets the field that you’re validating available in the callback function. For example, if I have the following form validation rule: $this->form_validation->set_rules(‘discountGlobal’, ‘Global Discount’, ‘trim|integer|max_length[1]|xss_clean|prep_for_form|only_one_global_discount[]’); My custom callback is only_one_global_discount. I am not explicitly passing anything through to… Continue reading Easy way to pass multiple variables to a CodeIgniter validation callback

Safari Extensions

One of the things that bothers me about using Safari as a main browser, is that there is no simple way to see if the page you loaded contains a JavaScript error without actually opening the Web Inspector. I would love to have a simple button that would simply alert you to any JavaScript errors… Continue reading Safari Extensions