Quick Tip – Filtering Projects in PhpStorm

I use PhpStorm for most of my web development. It is a great IDE for PHP and WordPress. One thing that I have always found a little strange is its interface for managing projects. It is very… basic. Really, the only features it contains are grouping projects into folders and changing the icons for projects….

Using Gravity Forms’ Constant Contact Function to Subscribe Users

I recently was working on a project where the client had a Constant Contact account and Gravity Forms installed on their WordPress site. Using Gravity Forms’ add-on for Constant Contact it was easy to subscribe users to Constant Contact lists for those forms created with Gravity Forms. However, the project was also utilizing The Events…

Adding Post Type and Slug to the Body Classes

When I first started working with WordPress, in order to style things on a particular page, I often would use the page or post’s ID to target the styles for that page. After all, out-of-the-box, WordPress gives you a class on the body tag containing the post type and the ID like postid-455 or page-id-525….

Simple WordPress PlugIn to Replace Excerpt With Full Post

I recently posted my lame joke video mashing together The Andy Griffith with Star Wars. In posting it, the excerpt for the post was showing on my site’s homepage and one had to click through to watch the video. There was nothing much to the text of the post – the only thing of note…

Bartender for Mac

If you’re a Macintosh user, you probably appreciate a clean interface and nice aesthetics. One thing that can cause your Mac’s interface to become cluttered, though, is a myriad of icons in your menu bar. Many programs will allow you to turn off its menu bar icon but not all. Worse yet, you might have…