Forklift on sale at the Mac App Store for $0.99

Seriously. The wonderful FTP program (and Finder replacement) for the Mac, Forklift, is currently on sale on the Mac App Store for 99 cents. Normally it sells for $29.95, so this quite a deal. Some of the nice features of Forklift include mounting remote servers in the Finder as drives and a really nice syncing interface. File transfers also seem very zippy to me. I think I am still going to mainly use Panic’s Transmit. It might be familiarity (I’ve been using it since the OS 9 days) but I have really grown to love it. However, at less than a buck, I can’t pass up getting a copy of Forklift.

There are also a few things that I think Forklift does better than Transmit. As mentioned previously, the file transfers seem quicker in Forklift than in Transmit to me. Also, I like being able to save Forklift Sync settings as Synclets. Transmit has the ability to set file filters when synchronizing but it only has a single set. So, you have to remember to change the file filters depending on the current situation at hand. It becomes tedious having to remember this on every sync. Also, Forklift lets you turn off files to sync on an individual basis when previewing the sync which is nice.

Finally, Transmit allows one to mount a remote drive and it works great but, for some reason, I notice that when I use a remote drive with Transmit, any audio I have running on my computer will sometimes stutter and change volume randomly… almost like there is too much load on my machine for it to handle it. I haven’t noticed the same issue with Forklift. But, that Transmit interface is so nice!

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