Changing Posts per Page in WordPress admin

Here’s a quick WordPress tip. One thing that always bugged me about the admin interface is that WordPress shows just 20 posts per page in the admin list leading to a lot of clicking the paging navigation. Well, WordPress allows you to change the number of posts shown per page. Go to the Screen Options dropdown at the top of the page. One of the options is the number of posts. Change it to a larger number and deal less with clicking through pages. I never knew about this handy feature until a coworker of mine pointed it out.

Post per post WordPress


  1. Thanks for the tip, i had 900+ comments to deal with and going threw 20 at a time was making me pull my hair out.. One thing i noticed is when going about 150 on that setting i was getting a wordpress error. any sugestions?

    1. Richard,

      What WordPress error were you receiving? My first thought is that you might be bumping into a memory limit on the server. I would check the server’s PHP error log after trying to make the change, if you have access to it, to see if there is error being triggered that might give you a clue as to what is happening.


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