Removing duplicate “Open with” applications on the Macintosh

Starting with Mountain Lion, I have noticed that I will often see the same program listed multiple times when right-clicking on a document to use the “Open With” functionality. For example, I just updated TextMate (which seems to be updated very regularly lately) and my Open With menu looked like this: To fix this problem, […]

Simple AppleScript to do lookup in CodeIgniter documentation

Recently, in Coda, I wanted to create a simple way to look up a word directly in the CodeIgniter documentation. While the reference books are nice, there are multiple PHP documentation sources one might want to look up while working. For example, one might want to look up a native PHP function or, if working […]

Saving new contacts to iCloud (instead of “On My Mac”) by default

One thing that had been bugging me on the Mac is that when I would create a new contact from Apple Mail, that contact would go into the group, “On My Mac.” I had been trying to move exclusively to iCloud to sync my address book across my Mac, iPhone and iPad. The solution is […]