Review – Atari Jaguar Pro Controller Reproductions

I had never owned an Atari Jaguar Pro Controller when I had my Jaguar in the 90s (bought on clearance from KayBee). Strangely, I did have Atari Jaguar controllers before I had a Jaguar because they worked on my Atari Falcon computer and used it for the handful of games that supported it. I have […]

Edladdin’s Seagull 78 Controller Adapter

Edladdin Seagull 78

Fans of the Atari 7800 know that it is great system but that it has a glaring problem. The pack-in controllers, the CX24 ProLine joysticks, are almost universally reviled and have earned a spot among other disasters in input devices like the Apple hockey puck mouse and the Atari 400 membrane keyboard. They have earned […]