BBEdit code coloring

One of my biggest frustrations with BBEdit is its weak code coloring. Here is an example that I just ran into:

BBEdit code coloring problem

At first I thought the issue was the two classes (left-col and archives). But that doesn’t seem to be it. So I thought maybe something else was wrong with the code and I tried it in Sublime Text 2:

and Coda 2:

Coda 2 code coloring

I really would like to take all of my favorite features from different editors and put them all together. BBEdit for search, text compare and being able to handle huge files; Sublime Text for its many plug-ins and great code coloring and navigation (love the matching brackets) and Coda for having it all in one place (and looking beautiful). I still have high hopes for Coda updates although I am already rueing buying my copy from the Mac App Store.

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