Saving new contacts to iCloud (instead of “On My Mac”) by default

One thing that had been bugging me on the Mac is that when I would create a new contact from Apple Mail, that contact would go into the group, “On My Mac.” I had been trying to move exclusively to iCloud to sync my address book across my Mac, iPhone and iPad. The solution is extremely simple and I am a little embarrassed I never found it before. In the Address Book settings, it is possible to choose your default account.

I set this and now newly-created accounts go directly into iCloud. No need to open up the Address Book and move the contact between groups.

Speaking of Sublime Text 2…

Macdrifter has a few posts up about how he uses Sublime Text 2 which contain some great tips and hints. My favorite?

Want to edit all occurrences of a word at once? Select the word and hit ctrl-⌘-G. Now start typing. All occurrences of the word will be selected and edited simultaneously. Forget Find-and-Replace, this is better.

I knew about selecting the next instance of a word to edit (⌘-D) which is shown in the first movie on ST2’s homepage but I did not know how to select them all. Cool!

Back to Sublime Text 2 (at least for now)

Well, after a major Coda 2 crash where I lost some work (I was trying to indent a pasted block of text), I decided to go back to Sublime Text 2 for now. And, I found a plug-in to replicate one of the features that I like in Coda 2 – the ability for the program to remember code folds in between sessions. By itself, Sublime Text 2 does not remember code folds… so every time you close and reopen a document, you need to recreate your folds. While ST2 has some nice functionality to fold code by level, and this makes the process a little easier, it is still a pain to recreate folds each time.

The plug-in, BufferScroll, will save your code folds among other features. This makes me happy. I next need to play around more with wbond’s SFTP plug-in and try to recreate a workflow where I can publish changed files via FTP ala Coda. Apparently it can publish changed files since the last SVN commit so I think I will play around with that. The way I work at my day job, we use SVN on our development server but do not have SVN for production… so Coda is actually perfect. I can use SVN and then it tracks my changes for FTP as well so I can develop on the development server and update via SVN and then publish via FTP to production when everything looks good.

The problem with the SFTP plug-in is that I need to commit to test on the development server… so this will render the pushing of only changes since my last commit through the plug-in useless. There is a sync option but I have found that it doesn’t work for me… though this may be something with my server setup. Even when I download a fresh copy of a site, when I do a sync up, it tells me everything has changed. The same thing happens when syncing with Forklift. So my server’s time might be off, for example. I need to explore that. Transmit’s syncing has been the most reliable for me.

I have been trying to figure out my workflow issue for quite a bit now. The ideal would be to have SVN on both the development and the production servers where I can merge the changes in but, unfortunately, that is just not how the servers are set up. Something like Beanstalk looks great but it is a bit pricey for a single developer.