Forklift on sale at the Mac App Store for $0.99

Seriously. The wonderful FTP program (and Finder replacement) for the Mac, Forklift, is currently on sale on the Mac App Store for 99 cents. Normally it sells for $29.95, so this quite a deal. Some of the nice features of Forklift include mounting remote servers in the Finder as drives and a really nice syncing […]

Easy way to pass multiple variables to a CodeIgniter validation callback

I was recently working on a custom form validation callback for my CodeIgniter script. By default, one gets the field that you’re validating available in the callback function. For example, if I have the following form validation rule: $this->form_validation->set_rules(‘discountGlobal’, ‘Global Discount’, ‘trim|integer|max_length[1]|xss_clean|prep_for_form|only_one_global_discount[]’); My custom callback is only_one_global_discount. I am not explicitly passing anything through to […]