Using an enqueued file’s modified time to break the browser cache

If you’ve been a web developer for a while you’ve likely uttered the phrase, “Empty your cache,” or “Hold shift and click reload” to a user not seeing some of your newly-published changes. When you tell a client to take a look at some revisions, you want them to see the newest version of the […]

Using Gravity Forms’ Constant Contact Function to Subscribe Users

I recently was working on a project where the client had a Constant Contact account and Gravity Forms installed on their WordPress site. Using Gravity Forms’ add-on for Constant Contact it was easy to subscribe users to Constant Contact lists for those forms created with Gravity Forms. However, the project was also utilizing The Events […]

Adding Post Type and Slug to the Body Classes

When I first started working with WordPress, in order to style things on a particular page, I often would use the page or post’s ID to target the styles for that page. After all, out-of-the-box, WordPress gives you a class on the body tag containing the post type and the ID like postid-455 or page-id-525. […]